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Procedural Whirlpool/Water Vortex - blender animation nodes

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You will get the blender file from demonstration and end file from tutorial.

(tutorial link:

Be aware that the file used to make the cover is not included. 

►If you a are eperiencing the BUG that Perlin Vector Noise is not working.

Please Follow the step:

1. Goes to "Preset".

2. Ctrl+F to search for "Perlin Vector Noise".

3. There may be missing linkage in "Combine Vector" Node, please re-link them.

Things shall be fixed. If not, please contact on Facebook. Use the link shown below.

This is due to an unknown bug in AN that randomly occurs on people. Thus I wasn't able to solve that for sure.

►Feel Free to join the Discord Server for Duscussion/Questions:


►Made by Bradley Animation on Youtube:

►Download Animation nodes:




►For more official infomation of AN, please read the latest AN manual here:

Latest manual:

Outdated manual with examples:

►If you want to know some fundamental ideas that hasn't been mentioned in the mannual, please go:

►If you want to know some presets that I have built for myself to speed up the workflow, please go:

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Procedural Whirlpool/Water Vortex - blender animation nodes

0 ratings
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